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2020 - 10th Annual Poor Man's Dinner

Date: Sat, Apr 18, 2020
Time 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Venue: Texas Hills Vineyard Patio
Phone: 830 868-2321

Posponed till July

Saturday night, April 18, 2020 we will get together and shed a salty tear in our Beans! 

We will share Beans & Corn Bread; of course, you can even buy wine (by the glass or bottle)!  Our MOST valuable asset is our friendship, so let’s share that!  The wine helps, but add poor friends and wine, with a laugh or two, and it will help get us over this  

We’ll even play a few hands of BINGO, again this year, trying to let you break even for the evening, each game being more valuable than the one before.  Total Value, if you win all 10 games of BINGO, over $170.00

Game 1 –  Plain ole BINGO for a bag of Cheetos (value $.50)
Game 2 –  Plain ole BINGO for a glass of Chardonnay (value $8.00)
Game 3 –  First to BINGO (all under the B) for a glass of Cinque Vino Rosso (value $9.00)
Game 4 –  First (all across the top row of the card) for a bottle of Pinot Gorgio (value $16.00)
Game 5 –  First (all across the bottom row of the card) for a bottle of Syrah 2012 (value $18.00)
Game 6 –  First (all under the G) for a bottle of Cinque Vino Rosso (value $20.00)
Game 7 –  First (all under the O) for a bottle of TORO de TEJAS (Newsom) (value $20.00)
Game 8 –  First (all diagonal – top left to bottom right) for a bottle of KBC Estate (value $25.00)
Game 9 –  First (all diagonal – bottom left to top right) for a bottle of Port Rubino (value 30.00)

Game 10 – First to BLACK out their BINGO CARD for an Italian Trio: a bottle each of: Pinot Gorgio, Sangiovese, and Moscato (value $52.00)

TIES – if more than one person has BINGO, the “luck of the draw” will decide the winner!

How Much - $10.00 (wine club $8.00) per person for Beans, corn bread and an evening of fun (obviously, you can buy wine if you choose)!  Don’t forget the governor is going to get 8.25% added to the price.

RSVP, a MUST, if you intend to be poor with us; don’t just show up, only room for 60 (tables of 4) of our poor friends! 

Phone 830.868.2321 or email to to RSVP intent to be here before April 10th

Where – on the patio at Texas Hills Vineyard!  Arrive at 7:00pm, we’ll have our Beans & Corn Bread about 7:30pm, then BINGO around 8:00pm till we finish all the “crying in our wine”….