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October 2016
A Thai Evening on the Patio
7:00 PM to 9:30 PM     Sat, Oct 29, 2016
Venue: Texas Hills Vineyard's Patio
Contact: Kathy or Micheal 830-868-2321,

5-course meal focusing on Thai flavors paired with Texas Hills Vineyard wine.

Many of you know that Gary does the Farmer’s Market in Dripping Springs every Wednesday from 3 to 7 (6 in the winter time) and the vendor next to him is Nong Weitzel, owner of Thai Gourmet Take-Out and Catering.  They have become very good friends and Gary usual brings home Thai food for a late Wednesday evening dinner, and consequently, has found some great wine pairings with Texas Hills Vineyard wines.  We would like to share with you Nong’s wonderful food paired with our best wines.


Course I – A plate of appetizers paired with Malbec (Reddy Vineyard)

Chicken Satay – marinated in a special marinara mixture of roasted coriander seed, cumin, turmeric, garlic, ginger and coconut milk; the chicken is put on a skewer and grilled accompanied with Thai Gourmet Peanut Sauce.

Fresh Spring Roll – The diligence look of rice vermicelli and vegetables wrapped in a glassy Tapioca wrapper, accompanied with a special made Thai Gourmet Spring Roll Sauce.

Cucumber Roll – A special handcrafted cucumber, stuffed with special wood smoked chicken filling, seasoned with tamarind powder, shallot, cilantro and mint.

Course II – Soup paired with Sangiovese (ESTATE) 2014

Coconut milk, Shrimp broth, tangy tamarind, lemongrass, shrimp, pearl onion and cilantro.

Course III – Salad continuing paring with Sangiovese (ESTATE) 2014

The glassy look of noodles made of Mung Beans, with sliced red onion, chopped chicken, tangy tamarind powder, mint and cilantro.

Course IV - Main Course paired with Chardonnay (ESTATE) 2014

A succulent Wild Salmon with a special sauce created with mild Thai chilies, Kafir lime zest, lemongrass, garlic and coconut milk.

Course V – Dessert paired with Orange Moscato (ESTATE) 2014

Authentic Thai dessert made with steamed Sticky Rice and Coconut Milk Sauce, topped with Sweet Mango and Coconut Cream

Price: $75.00 per person – Wine Club $60.00 per person

Reserve place  before October 19!  CALL: 830.868.2321

This will be a memorable dinner; I hope you can join us!

Remember, when you attend a function at Texas Hills Vineyard, ANY wine purchase is at 10% additional discount when purchased that evening! (Example - if you buy a case of wine you would get the normal 15% discount PLUS an additional 10%).  Wine club receive their normal discount PLUS an additional 10% for any purchase that evening.