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July 2017
Chocolate & Wine In the Winery
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM     Sat, Jul 29, 2017
Venue: Texas Hills Vineyard in the Winery where it's cool!

Chocolate & Wine in the Winery!

WHEN:  July 29, 2017    3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

WHERE:  (in the winery, where it is cool)

WHAT:  Please, join Gary and Kathy in a phenomenal pairing session with Dripping Springs Chocolate Company that will include tasting 8 different chocolate treats paired with 8 different Texas Hills Vineyard wines.  Each tasting will include a square of chocolate and a 1 oz taste of a “paired wine” to experience the “pairing”.  After the tasting, you can enjoy a glass of “the wine of your choice” and enjoy the company of friends that have just mellowed with chocolate and wine. 

HOW MUCH:  $15 ($12.00  for wine club members) + tax

Space is limited so reserve your seat early!  

call:  (830)868-2321 OR email:


Chocolates include:

Plain 65% - for the purist!
Almonds and Sea Salt - 65% Dark Chocolate with roasted almonds and a sprinkle of sea salt
Dried Cherries - 65% Dark Chocolate, with a piece of sweet dried cherry in each bite! 
Coffee - 65% Dark Chocolate, add in Brazilian Dark Roast coffee beans.  
< > - 65% Dark Chocolate, flavors in waves, first a little Sea Salt, followed by Black Pepper, Cayenne and Smoked Serrano will hit you in the back of your pallet. Just right! 
Ginger – A special presentation of 65% Dark Chocolate, then added ginger creating a bar specifically made to pair with our Orange Moscato wine.
Plain 75% - For the hard core purist, 75% plain chocolate!
Nibs - 75% Dark Chocolate, with a smattering of roasted cacao nibs, the nibs add a nice texture and crunch to the bar and kicks up the chocolate experience a notch!    

AND, after the event we'll have chocolate bars available for purchase - $4.80 each! 

DRIPPING SPRINGS CHOCOLATE COMAPNY is a family owned business with all members of the family involved in various aspects of the process.  Several years ago we went on a family mission trip to Nicaragua.  During this trip they saw the poverty and need for jobs to strengthen the economy.  After much searching, discussion and evaluating the local markets in central Texas, they decided that a chocolate company using ethically sourced beans was a great way to support the local economies.  At that point they started learning everything we could about chocolate and now hope to share it with you!

DRIPPING SPRINGS CHOCOLATE COMAPNY starts with ethically sourced raw cacao beans.  Their mission is to provide you with the best chocolate possible while helping improve the lives of the farmers and communities that grow the cacao.


Of course all ticketed chocolate tasters are allowed an extra 10% off any wines purchased at the event!